“Christie, I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Voice was a big part of my transition and I didn’t think I could do it. But you make it easy, fun and enjoyable. My voice no longer outs me as a trans female because I sound like a confident young woman, and for that, I am truly grateful.”
— Daisy Wang

“Christie helped me overcome the tribulations related to severe acid reflux. Her tests and measurements resulted in the fitting exercises needed for me to conquer my problems related to this debilitating condition. I owe a great deal to Christie’s knowledge, professionalism, diligence, and generosity. Thank you, Christie!”
— Evelyn Z.

“Hi Christie, I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the confidence-boosting changes you helped me make. Last month, I was invited to speak on a panel, and the partners I shared the stage with were so proud of me! The panel was so successful that just today we were invited to take our “show” on the road and “perform” the same presentation to a large group next year. Without you, I don’t know that I would have ever found the courage to do something like this (and actually look forward to it). I am grateful for the difference you made in my life every minute of every day, and if I didn’t say it enough when I saw you in person, THANK YOU!”
— Monica H.

“Christie is easy to work with, fun, and an excellent teacher–beyond vastly reducing the chances that I will be read as trans* in everyday encounters, working with her has given me the freedom to express myself honestly, naturally, and authentically for the first time in my life! Training with Christie is easily the best investment I have made in my entire transition, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
— Stephanie W.

“I really appreciated how comfortable Christie made me feel as I learned new ways of being conscious of my voice.”
— Mike Waldman

“I commute two hours each way for my sessions with Christie. It is worth it. Evolving your voice during gender transition is complicated. Each week you progress, you stumble on something new you have to overcome. Christie’s personalized training helped me to take on each new hurdle as it presented itself. Changing your voice is also emotionally taxing. Christie’s warmth and sense of humor sustained my spirits throughout. ”
— Tina Madison White

“With Christie’s help, I noticed an improvement in my speaking and singing voice in a very short time.”
— Moti Fuchs

“Through feminizing sessions with Christie, I have developed a much higher voice.”
— Jennifer Lee

“I am impressed with how well structured Christie’s voice feminization methods are. The goals and assignments always felt achievable and she has a true gift for tailoring her sessions to the needs of the individual. Her skills and teaching ability are excellent but what really sets Christie apart is her personality. People with various transgender issues do not always feel that great about themselves and what they feel they need to do. I can’t recall a single time after a session with Christie when I did not feel encouraged and better about myself. As a transgender person, you get used to seeing disdain in the eyes of people. And in Christie’s eyes, there is nothing but warmth, caring, and sincerity.”
— Melissa Hyland

“Christie took me from zero to a deep understanding of how my voice works.”
— Irene Knapp