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Structure – 10, 30, and 43; vs. 40
Color / clean – 1, 7, 19
Drawing – 19
Three columns – 40
Option for less text? – 7

Find your voice. Speech and voice problems can be disruptive, frustrating, or even detrimental to your livelihood. With help from an experienced clinical specialist, you can explore the art and science of speech and voice to become more effective and confident.

What problems?
• Hoarse, strained, or breathy voice
• Difficulty talking in loud environments
• Vocal weakness from aging
• Voice fatigue from talking or performing
• Reduced vocal range or control for singing
• Transgender voice (feminine or masculine)
• Distracting accent in English
• Stuttering
• Slurred or mumbled speech
• Difficulty speaking in public

What can be done?
• Perceptual-acoustic clinical evaluation
• Videostroboscopy
• Specialized consultations
• Individual therapy and training
• Group classes and workshops
• Speaking engagements
• Skype within New York state