12-week transgender voice class starting in March

Designed for 4-8 people, focusing on either more masculine or more feminine voice/speech, depending on who registers. We will meet 1x per week for 12 weeks at 65 Broadway 7th Floor NYC on Tuesdays 3-5 pm starting March 24, 2015. The class will include individual screenings with me during the first and last weeks to determine your current skill level, goals, and progress. Topics will include: Vocal hygiene, breathing, loudness, pitch, intonation, resonance, articulation, laugh/cough, conversation style, body language, and more. Class activities will involve speech drills, sensory tasks, computer monitoring of pitch, consistency during spontaneous speech, real-life exercises, and homework. Get more info and/or sign up by emailing cblock@nyspeechandvoicelab.net or calling 347-677-3619. If you’d like to join but have scheduling issues, let me know, since there may be a way to make adjustments to the time and/or day. Registration deadline is March 6, 2015.