Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the New York Speech & Voice Lab, a speech-language pathology practice located in lower Manhattan which provides services for transgender voice as well as voice and speech disorders, including singing/acting voice, stuttering, neurological disorders, accent modification, and public speaking. For those of you who know me already, this practice is my same practice with a new name, nothing else has changed. I invite you to check out my updated website at www.transgendervoice.net. This new blog will be devoted to my primary specialty, transgender voice, and will provide announcements and news regarding my transgender voice workshops/classes as well as facts, tips, and exercises to help transpeople present in a more feminine or more masculine way. (Transgender health colleagues on my mailing list will be receiving announcements only, unless I am told otherwise.) I am excited to reach out through this blog to even more transpeople and continue to serve as an ally to the community. Stay tuned!